23 November 2014


The Giant Buddha Temple itself was built in 1098 and is remarkably well preserve.  The Giant Buddha Temple (Dafo Temple) in Zhangye city, about 600 kilometers west of Gansu's provincial capital Lanzhou, is named after a Buddha statue.  The temple, also known as "Wofo Temple" (Sleeping Buddha Temple), is very famous because it contains the biggest indoor sleeping Buddha in all of China.  The gold-plated and painted Giant Buddha is made out of clay and lies in the Nirvana position. The Giant Buddha of Zhangye is 34 metres long, 7.5 metres shoulder to shoulder and has feet that are about 4 metres long and the ears are 2 metres long.

Photography is not allowed inside the temple.  As the Buddha is painted the lighting in the room is dim in order to preserve the colors.  In addition to the building with the Buddha, there are several other buildings worth visiting that contain Buddhist artifacts, sutras, old Buddha images, and beautiful paintings.

Nice and quiet place.  Not much crowds in the morning

The temple and the beautiful gateway arches are quite nice for photography.

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