16 November 2014


We had a very long drive after visiting the Qinghai Lake to reach Zhangye(张掖).  As we left Xining scenery of low mountains rose and snow-covered peaks came into view.  As we drove towards West gaining altitude and passing wheat and barley fields; grasslands with flocks of grazing sheep and yaks came into view.

Many tents set up by the government in the mountains but are left empty as they are not utilized by the normads.

Along the highway the scenery is breathtaking.  Along the slopes Tibetan nomads have their herds of sheep and yaks grazing

The wheat fields had been harvested and the golden sheaves were stacked in the fields. Trees bordering the fields turning golden in the autumn sun.

The brilliant blue lake to the north

The views of the lake and the mountains from the pass were beautiful.  The slopes are covered with spongy grasses and we could see herds of sheep in the distance and several towns in valleys below.

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  1. Could you share your itinerary when explore Qinghai?
    Since there's a little information to explore Qinghai part of Amdo as TAP.
    How can I contact you?
    Thanks in advance