26 November 2014


We visited the 'Grand Canyon" of China.  The area known as Zhangye Danxia, the greatest gathering of different pigments in natural stone in the world.  Danxia is a type of landscape found in China, characterized by prominent boulders and steep cliffs.

The view of rocks is captivating even before entering the park

Danxia Geopark was a salt lake billions of years ago.  Due to the changes in the climate and oxidizing-reduction conditions of the river basins, the iron ions in the sedimentary deposits were oxidized to ferric oxides.  This caused the sedimentary rocks which formed afterwards to become red, yellow, green, grey, white etc.  As the result of crustal uplift and tectonic movement, the red rocks become sloped, then twisted and ultimately transformed into tilted hills.

There are buses running through the park to get from one point to another

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