01 November 2014


We rented sand boots to prevent sand from getting into our shoes.  The sands are so fine and soft that clearing them out entirely is a problem when normal shoes are used to walk in the sand.  We covered from head to neck and applied sunblock before hand to avoid the strong wind and the sun strong uv ray.  It was only in the morning that sun was beating down mercilessly on us

We went past the camel shed but did not ride on it as whoever wants to ride has to pay as it was not covered in the package tour.

Having a length of about 1000 meters (about 1090 yards), a height of more than 100 meters (about 110 yards), and a slope of 60 degrees, Shapotou International Sand Slide Center is the biggest natural sand slide field in China. It is also one of China’s Four Resonant Sand Fields.

We went up by escalators to go over the other side of the hill before sliding back down when we return at the end of the trip.

Standing on the sand hill, one can see the desert extending to the north, and to the south, a boundless oasis. Both the grandeur of the north of China and the elegance of the south come together in this lovely place.

It was an experience to walk on desert sand which is soft.  There are flowers which are named "Desert Lass" suitable to grow in sandslide.  Each plant can survive up to 70 years in the desert and bloom every July.

To prevent any mishap the Tourism has set the rule that those below age of 55 is to slide down the sand hill.  Unfortunately those who are adventurous but above 55 were to return by taking the open cable car.  It is adventurous, breathtaking, strange and heady experience-not designed for the weak of heart. The sand has to be water every now and then from getting too hot during summer.

The cableway slide across the Yellow River at Shapotou has won fame as the First Yellow River Cableway Slide. The cableway here is 820 meters (about 897 yards) long, 54 meters (about 59 yards) high above the water and the slide is at an average speed of 8 m/s (about 26 feet per second). The cableway at Shapotou is unique in China, in that it depends totally on gravity to set it in motion.

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