11 August 2013


What a lovely day!  Had a ladies lunch at Tea TWG and followed by chilly crab dinner at home.

My daughters and me had lunch at Tea TWG in Takashimaya.  It was not crowded when we arrived at 12 plus but that cannot be said for after 2pm.  The Emperor set was too large a portion for 1 person and we shared but ordered an extra main dish.  The set comprised of orange juice, smoked duck salad, baked scones and a piece of pastry or cake.  We individually ordered a tea.

The scones with jelly and fresh cream to eat with.  The jelly was wonderful and quivered at a slightness touch

The duck salad was smoky and paired well with mozzarella cheese and brined olives.

Egg Benedict with salad  -  the eggs were gooey with creamy hollandaise sauce

Main course for Full-Set  -  Pan-seared scallops with smoked salmon and roe in ginger sauce

Soft tender Beef Tornedos.  The beef was medium rare with lovely brown sauce.  Crispy french fries in pastry holder

A selection of dessert at the end of the meal

Soft caramel raspberry creme brulee pie.  How I loved the creamy sweet custard that glided down the throat.  The custard balanced well with the sourish raspberry

Luscious red strawberry tart

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