04 August 2013


On the last day of our visit we did last minute shopping and visited the famous Sanxia Old Street, which is only 20 minutes walk from our hotel.  The place was not crowded as it was a weekday and it was raining very heavily in the morning.  By the time we reached there the rain was getting smaller but remained wet and cold.

Sanxia (Sansia) is a traditional district located in northern Taiwan, easily accessible from Taipei.  Sanxia (Sansia) Old Street refers to the south section of Minquan Street in New Taipei City.  Its length is about two hundred meters, and its architecture dates back to the early days when the Republic of China was newly established.  Walking along Sanxia (Sansia) Old Street is like walking into a time tunnel; the traditional architecture, the beams, columns, ancient wooden plaques, the squat maidens walls and the figure carvings upon the buildings are all very unique.  Walking along this ancient street brings a feeling of nostalgia for the good old days, and makes visitors want to linger. Sanxia (Sansia) Old Street is best preserved along the Minquan Street, Heping Street, Ren’ai Street and Zhongshan Road.  Minquan Street was the commercial center in the past, and the commercial stores and alleys that date back to the time of Japanese Occupation are still in good condition.

The street features stores selling art, ceramics, and local specialty foods, espcially Chinese herbs

Historical Relic Hall (三峽區歷史文物館) - preserves artistic and cultural artifacts from Sanxia's past.  Beautiful building with Japanese colonial architecture.

There are many road side stores offering snacks and meal for hungry visitors

We passed by a new Starbuck Coffee House which was having an opening ceremony and offered souvenirs at a discount.  What caught my eyes were these beautiful Chinese porcelain tea cups at a cheap price.  How can I resist which I have been longing to own one and would not pay a high price for them here.   Now I can have 3 at a fraction of a price compares to 1 would cost here. 

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