01 July 2010


My children from young were taught the proper way of handling the chopsticks and it is an essential tool to use for eating.  As Chinese one must be able to hold the chopsticks the right way.  Moreover chopsticks history has come a long way and has become part of Chinese food culture.

1/4 pumpkin flesh cut into cubes
dried shrimps soak in water and cut into small pieces
soak shitake mushroom and cut into strips
1 tablespoon szechuan vegetables

Boil white and brown rice together till half cook
Fry garlic and shrimps in hot oil till fragrant
Add in mushroom, pumpkin, szechuan vegetables and seasonings (salt & sugar)
Fry till well mixed and add in 1/4 bowl water
Cover and cook over low heat till pumpkin is soft.  Set aside
Add pumpkin mixture to rice till rice is well cooked

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