25 July 2010


Liver is a good source of iron and consider good treatment for anemia.  When young my mum would  fed me with minced liver ginger soup which she believed that liver helps to increase red blood cells.

Liver is extremely perishable and should be consumed as soon as it is purchased.  It must be cooked until no longer color pink in order to destroy any living organisms, but not too long as it becomes tough and dry.  Thus liver is not easy to cook.

I prefer to stir fry liver in sesame oil and ginger rather than make into soup.  Do not add in wine if sesame oil is used as the two are incompatible.  Sesame oil + wine = bitter taste.

Cut up liver into thin slices and marinate with soya sauce, ginger juice and cornstarch.  Leave aside.
Heat oil and add in 1 tablespoon of sesame oil till hot.  Fry ginger and garlic till fragrant.  Add liver  and leek and stir fry over high heat and splash in quarter bowl of water.  Cover and simmer for 5 mins.  Poke liver to test for blood and make sure pieces run clear.

If spring onions are added instead of leek, turn off fire then stir in spring onions to avoid overcooking.

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