17 July 2010


Let us settle for lunch before going for the big sale.   Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe is the place to go for "authentic"  Taiwanese food and is a new setup in Millenia Walk, which I have never been to.  The ambience is vibrant and neat.

Old food scenarios on walls

Fragrant and delicious sesame chicken mee-sua in robust broth

Signature dish - soya sauce egg and mince pork rice bath in smooth lardy sauce

Crispy intestines with sweet-sour chilly sauce - porky smell spoiled the flavour

Beef rice with egg and onions, nothing great

Deep fried gyoza stuffed with pork and chives.  Go well with vinegar and ginger.

Wholesome oyster egg omelette without starch.  Chilly sauce should be spicy than sweet.

Coconut red bean pudding to end the meal

The red bean paste pudding was smooth with creamy coconut topping

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  1. I am so envious that you could eat like this and then go home to cook something simple. Looking at your pictures, I could almost smell the braised mince-pork and mee-sua broth. The oyster egg omelet is my old time favorite, even my Caucasian husband loves it. I remember he had three orders of it last time when we visited my family in Taipei. Yum!!!