30 July 2010


A chendol stall has been in business at the corner coffee shop in Jalan Tua Kong where the popular Ah Lim Teochew fishball noodles is.  We were told that the stall was owned by Kenny Chan who hosted the popular Peranakan cooking show on television.

The family stall operates from 11 in the morning.

The chendol costs $2 a container and the use of fresh coconut milk and thick gula melaka syrup justify the cost.  My bowl was without the red beans as I prefer the original version where green mung bean noodles being the only ingredient.

This dessert reminisced of my childhood in Joo Chiat where every afternoon there were numerous food pushcarts plying the street.  The chendol cart was manned by an Indian man with 2 enormous containers of these "emerald gems" to be scoped into a glass mug and mixed with thick coconut milk and gooey gula melaka syrup with each order.   This store was one of our favorites.

Besides chendol other kuehs on offer are kueh kosui and oneh-oneh.  The kosui is bland and without the taste of "ke".  Should have tried the oneh-oneh.

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