12 September 2009


Living in East Coast is pleasant as long as food is concerned.  Many places offer 24-hr service which is a pleasure for gluttons like us.  Airport terminals are convenient places for supper with cafe and restaurants operating 24-hr service.  Surprise that Swensen is packed with families when we went for supper one night.

Asian curry set - good appetizer of salted eggs, veg pickles and salsa sauce but pittance

Chicken curry with rice - spicy and oily

Chicken mushroom pasta - insufficient mushroom

Rich and spicy chilli crab spicy, steam crab preference to fried for freshness and succulence

Gigantic chop but a bit tough and chewy.

No ending to meal without dessert - Fruity sundae

Durian sundae with "atap chi" - my DH favorite

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  1. Your blog is full of nice foods & beverages ^^ I enjoy a lot ^^