15 January 2009


Celebrated a family birthday dinner on Saturday at Crystal Jade in Takashimaya - a favourite place for dim sum. Best wishes for health and may achievements that you look forward will come true, with love and support from family.

A good start

The buns are soft and fluffy. Filled with creamy lotus paste.

Meat platter with good selection of roast duck, char siew, suckling pig skins, soya-sauce chicken and jelly fish.

Deep fried nam-yu spareribs

Peking duck skin wrap

Fried beancurds with tenderly soft mushrooms and salted mustard leaves.

Stir fry duck meat with water chestnuts, pine nuts and crispy bee-hoon in lettuce wrap. Crunchy and refreshing.

A must dish - longivity noodles perfectly cooked. Chewy and springy.

Dessert to end the meal - mango mousse birthday cake.

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  1. Lotus paste?????? Oh, that's something I would love to try.