06 January 2009


During the December school holiday I would usually take long leave and go shopping and feasting with the children.  One of the places that we visited was Coffee Club in Holland V.  The cafe is a 2-storey medium size shop house and it occupies both floor.

We were seated upstairs and started with refreshments

The green apple mint soda was refreshing and tangy.

The red berry tea was sourish and was served in a teapot.  It was refillable.

The black forest blend was delicious and alcohol content was quite high but infused with strong coffee aroma.  The drink was layered with black cherries.

The salmon pie was choked full of salmon and spinach.   It was accompanied by thick mushroom sauce and salad.  The pie was meltingly tasty.

The dory was fresh and tender.   It was lightly fried and top with crusted nuts and finely chopped vegetables.

The portion of each dish was large and left very little room for dessert.  We shared an apple crumble topped with ball of vanilla ice-cream and dark bitter chocolate.   The apples were soft and crumbs crispy.

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