08 January 2009


Warm chocolate pudding warm your heart especially during festive seasons.  You get to taste the warm sensuous flow of chocolate lava when it is eaten warm.  It pairs well with ice-cream and strawberry.

Put 250g butter and 250g chocolate (55% cocoa) into a double-boiler and cook over low heat until melt.   Stir well and set aside.

Beat 5 egg yolks, 4 eggs, 100g sugar, 1/2 tspn vanilla essence until fluffy.

Add melted chocolate, stir well and add 40g flour. Mix well.

Scoop chocolate batter into ramekins and bake for about 8 mins

Remove from tin and transfer to a serving plate and serve together with ice-cream

Best eaten warm.

The recipe is taken from the magazine "Se Xiang Wei" December issue, No.107 featuring Ms Irene Yip of Chef's Secret Cooking and Baking Centre

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