10 November 2008


Tofu that we ate in the early days were bought fresh from market and they had an unpleasant smell. Tofu was very cheap and regarded as economy food.   My late mum used to buy bean-curd without the sugar syrup and mixed with hot oil & fried onions, soya sauce to serve with rice.   At that time bean-curd only cost 10 cents for a taffin-container.  After my marriage we used to eat a lot of tofu and soy-bean food as my late mother-in-law sold tofu products at the fresh market.  This explains my DH liking for soy food.

Nowadays I buy tofu from supermarket which comes in plastic container, especially from Japan which is smooth and without the unpleasant smell.

2 pkts of tofu, minced pork, 1 tablespoon brown bean paste, 2 eggs (beaten), garlic and chilly paste -

Cut tofu into medium cubes
Heat oil and fry bean & chilly pastes and garlic till fragrant
Add in minced pork and fry till cooked
Add in tofu and bit of water
Pour in beaten egg and do not stir till egg is cooked
Add in 1 teaspoon cornstarch with water and mix well
Stir in cornstarch into tofu mixture till thickens

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