06 November 2008


My DH likes to go for tim-sum, especially when our uncle from Hong Kong visited us.  He would without fail accompany uncle for tim-sum everyday as it is a practice in Hong Kong that going for tim-sum 2 times a day is a norm, early morning around 4.30 am and lunchtime at 11.30am.  It is very normal for them to order 1-2 plates of tim-sum and a pot of Chinese tea, with newspaper in hand, to stay in the restaurant or tea-house at least 2-3 hours leisurely reading the papers.

Our usual place for tim-sum is Crystal Jade Palace in Takashimaya but after moving to East Coast we tried The Paramount Restaurant in Katong on Sunday.  The business was not as good as in Crystal Jade and walk-in securing a seat is not a problem.

Siew mai is my children's favourite.

The sharkfin soup dumpling was good and full of fillings of scallop, mushroom, sharkfins, bamboo shoot and pork.  The soup was sweet and flavorful.  One bowl is enough for 2 persons.

The prawn dumplings looked good also.

Fried fritter rolls filled with prawns were crispy and not oily.

They claimed this dumplings to be their significant dish but no different from normal chives dumplings.

This was disappointing with thick rough skin.  Skin should be thin and smooth.

The skin of the cheong fun is too thick for the fritter

Spareribs were tasty with not much fat.

Char siew pau was big with soft fuffy skin.  Fillings were moderate.

Egg tarts were flaky with creamy custard.

Overall service was slow and missed out two bowls of century egg porridge which we ordered at the start.  Waited for nearly 20 mins just to pay the bill.

The Paramount Restaurant
Paramount Hotel & Shopping Centre
30 East Coast Road #01-01/02
Tel : 64403233

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