11 November 2008


Pandan leaves are tropical plants used widely in South-East Asian cooking.  The leaves used are fresh and are commonly grown.  You can easily buy the leaves from market.  The leaves give a unique taste and aroma to food.

To obtain the bright green color juice the leaves are blended together with some warm water.  When the blender was not a common appliance in those days it is a tedious process when extracting pandan juice.   The pounder was used to pound the leaves into paste and squeeze out the juices by hands.

1 pkt agar-agar strip
rock sugar
1200 ml water
1 stalk pandan leaves
1/4 bowl of pandan juice
2 beaten eggs
1 soup bowl fresh coconut milk

Wash agar-agar and soak in water for 5-10 mins
Boil with water and add sugar while boiling
Cut pandan leaves into small pieces
Put into blender with 1/4 cup warm water
Blend till fine and strain the juice to make 1/4 soup bowl
Remove agar agar from stove and stir till bubbles disppear
Cool agar agar and add in coconut milk and pandar juice
Add beaten eggs and stir lightly
Refrigerate when mixture turns cold

The coconut milk mix with pandan juice should float up and create a two-layer piece, a transparent and pandan color layers.  As for my agar-agar I used coconut cream in a packet (there is no fresh coconut available that day).  The cream was full of residuals when mix with the jelly and I had to filter them out.

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