28 November 2008


Duck braised in soya sauce and herbs is a traditional dish.  My late mum used to cook it during Chinese New Year.  The dish tastes better as days go by and the leftover sauce is used to stew tofu, tau-pok, eggs or pig offal.  Duck costs more than a chicken but the flavor and texture is better, although it contains a lot more fat.

Marinate the duck with seasonings (salt & light and dark soya sauce), bake it in the oven for 1 hour and grill for last 20 mins.  The amount of oil excreted from the duck is unbelievable but duck fat is considered a gourmet in french cuisine.

Galangal or blue ginger is an important ingredient in braising duck.  The flavor and aroma of the dish depend on the bulb.  The other ingredients are fresh ginger, garlic, cinnamon stick, aniseed star, cloves, five-spice powder and rock sugar.

Fry ginger and garlic in hot oil till fragrant.

Add in other spices  -  aniseed, cinnamon stick, cloves and five spice powder

Mix dark & light soya sauce, mirin sauce, oyster sauce with water in a soup bowl.  Pour in sauce to the spices and let it boil.  Add in a piece of rock sugar.  In the meantime chop up the duck in small pieces.

Put in the duck and let it simmer till meat are tender.

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