19 December 2012


The crispy pork knuckle is the attraction that lured us to Werner's Oven located at Upper East Coast Road, and at the same time to celebrate a birthday.  The place though simply decorated but has all the German classics and gives a homely feel once you entered.  They have a little bakery next door that offers awesome bread, pastries and cakes.

With 6 in the family it is a wiser choice to order a big platter for 4 that comes with 4 free glasses of apple spritzer and x'mas dessert sampler.  The platter consists of pork knuckle, roast duck, Virginia ham, sausages, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and pretzel.

Tall glass of diluted apple spritzer

Salty tough pretzel

Extra order of awesome Camembert fritter with cranberry jam.  The cheese was lightly floured and fried to a nice golden brown.  It retained it shape even when cut without oozing out.

Creamy mashed potatoe

Sauerkraut -  a good side dish for meat

Farmer sausages and the well-loved knuckle.  The gorgeous crispy skin with wonderful tender meat to die for.  Every bite is heaven

Roast ducks with tender meat in thick flavorful gravy

Virginia ham  -  a great salty flavor

Great selection of yummy cheese, farmer and garlic sausages

Satisfy and complete meal

X'mas puddings, cookies and fruit cakes to end the meal

Too full to accommodate extra desserts

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