02 April 2010


Hong Kong is not only a shopping haven but also a food paradise.  Besides delicious and high quality it is cheaper as compare to Singapore.  We dined at one of the restaurants in Tsim Sha Tsui and with a total of 13 dishes plus dessert cost approx HK$1600, which is equivalent to less than S$400 with no GST charge.  The service and standard are impeccable.

Started off with cold appetizer - cold cured 3-layer pork

Cold dish of pig trotters bathed in Chinese wine - crunchy and gelatinous

Drunken pigeon

Glass shrimps

Beancurd skin puff with fillings of mushrooms, turnips and bamboo shoots

Stir fry fresh green peas with beacon bits

Sesame pancake stuffed with vegetables and fresh oysters

Shanghai rice cake fried with crabs in spicy sauce.   The rice cakes were chewy with good bite and very fresh crab meat

Stewed 3-layered pork with intestines in thick gooey sauce.   Just the look of the dish makes you salivate.  The pork were tenderly soft and melt-in-your-mouth

Claypot rice in green mustard, chinese sausages and waxed pork.   Tasty and not oily

Fried veal with leek and szechuan chilly - spicy hot

Meat and skin were served together

Style of eating the duck

Seafood noodles fried in Japanese sauce

Dessert to end the meal

Egg white filling

Red bean filling

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