09 September 2008


Cooking is a great way to de-stress after a hard day's work.  I usually reach home at 6pm and start cooking.  Dinner time is normally around 7.30 to 8pm depending on the number of dishes.  A normal meal would consists of a soup (very important), main dish (meat or fish), a vegetable dish and a salad.

The rule is that everyone in the family must eat together which my DH had cultivated in my children when they were young.  It is bonding time during mealtime and the children take turn to discuss and talk about their daily school life and activities.  When one is unable to come home for dinner he/she has to give advance notice.
Before I go to work in the morning I will take out whatever I intend to cook for dinner from the freezer and put in the lower shelves of the fridge to thaw.  I will prepare the soup in the "magic pot" the night before bed and let it simmers till dinner time the next day.

I go marketing once a week, usually at NTUC or Seng Siong supermarkets, as the produces are pre-packed and prices are cheaper than wet markets.  The average cost of marketing per week is $100 maximum (including toiletries and dry sundries).

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