06 September 2008


DH wanted to eat pork ribs for lunch and as we were at Thomson vicinity to run some errands, suggested to go to the popular bak-ku-teh store located at Blk 22 at Sin Ming Ville, corner shop of an HDB block.  The place was always crowded but finding a seat was no problem as the stall owners will try their best to accommodate customers.

We ordered 3 bowls of pork-rib soup to share amongst five of us.  The soup was on the spicy side and the pork-ribs came in large chunks.

A bowl of braised pig trotter.  We had to use our hand to eat as it is difficult to handle with chopsticks.  The  cartilage were very crunchy and the skin and meat were tender and fall off the bone.

A bowl of pig liver soup with tang-ou (kind of vegetables which many people dislike as they find that it tastes like bed-bug), but was my family favourites.  The livers were not fully cooked and we have to submerge them in the hot soup for ten minutes before eating.

Stewed mui-choi on a salty side but was ok when eaten with rice.

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