19 September 2008


Keeping ourselves young is everyone's dream but growing old is a fact that everyone has to face.  The component of some Chinese medicines retard the process of aging and with appropriate combination and right cooking method, these herbs alone help to keep one young and healthy.  My mum always believe that prevention is better than cure and she had fed us good soup and tonic since young.

The fox nut & shi hu soup helps to slow down ageing process, improve health, cleanse blood, nourish ying, improve vision (especially when you are always on the computer), strengthen the spleen and improve the appetite.

Ingredients : yu zhu, qi zhi, dioscorea (wai san), fox nuts, sweet dates, dried citrus peel and shi hu

Shi Hu is a kind of evergreen herb and its stem is used as medicine.  It clears heat, nourishes yin, invigorates the stomach, promotes the secretion of body fluids, relaxes the bowels and retards the process of ageing when used for a long time.  Shi Hu mainly treats thirst, vomitting due to febrile diseases and pain in the gastric cavity.

Fox nuts are the fruit of a certain kind of waterweed which grows in lakes or swamps.  They contain protein, fat, resin, carbohydrates, cellulose, minerals and vitamins B1, B2 and C.  They nourish the body and are highly nutritious.

Fox nuts firm the kidneys and invigorate the spleen, whet the appetite and eliminate sputum.  They treat incontinence of urine, nocturnal emission, pain of the loins and knees.

If too much water or cold drinks are consumed, people may have cold sweats and diarrhoea when sleeping.  Cooked into congee or soup, fox nuts are good for this symptom.

Dried tangerine peel regulate the flow of qi, to invigorate the spleen function, to eliminate dame and to resolve phlegm.  The nature and flavor of the peel are acrid, bitter and warm.

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