27 September 2008


Crystal Jade Korean Restaurant operated by Crystal Jade Restaurant Group is situated on 4th Level of Takashimaya, near to Art Friends.  No reservation is allowed and we waited 40 mins for a seat.

Dishes of kim chee and cold water were served once seated.

Lettuces with chillies and garlics for wrapping grilled meat or cold trotter dipped in miso sauce.

Chicken ginseng soup stuffed with glutinous rice, ginseng and red dates was served in piping hot stone bowl.  The soup was sweet and heavy with ginseng flavor.

A plate of cold pig trotters to eat with lettuce and miso sauce.  The texture of the trotters was "q" and crunchy.  Not much fat and was gelatinous.

Bimbimbup served in hot stone bowl.  A layer of crust was formed at the bottom of bowl and was consumed by soaking in ginseng soup.

A salad of mixed vegetables.

Service was efficient.

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