24 September 2008


Also known as Luo Han Zhai, this has become a festive dish for our family during Chinese New Year. During this period I cook a big pot to entertain guests and everyone loves it.  The addition of tau-cheo (brown bean paste) and nam yue (red fermented bean-curd) enhances the flavour of the dish.

The common ingredients are :
Dried Mushroom
Lily Buds (Tie knot and do not add too much as it is a bit sour)
Gingko Nuts
Black Moss (fatt choy)
Sweet Bean Curd (Tian Zhu)
Fried Tofu Skin
Fried Gluten
Dried Shrimps
Black Fungus
Canned Sweet Corn
Glass Noodles (Soak longer in water and add in last so that it would not absorb too much gravy) and
Ginger Slices

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