05 January 2013


We spent 10 days in Taiwan during last week of December by travelling through Taipei, Taichung, Sifen, Jufen and Hualian.  We arrived at 6.30 am on the morning of 23rd December at Taoyuan International Airport.  As our first stop is at Taipei city center which is 30km away from the airport we had to take a bus from the airport to the rail station to get on the High Speed Rail (HSR) to Taipei Main Station.

The Station is a huge facility which is situated on Zhongxiao West Road opposite the 53 storey Shinkong Mitsukoshi Building (新 光 三 越)10 minutes from our accommodation, Miyi Hotel.  The hotel is located at the shopping district and is accessible to lots of food option, convenience shops and fast food.  

As the check-in time is at 3pm we had plenty of time to shop around before checking in.  We cared off our luggages at the concierge and went to fill our tummies.

米 糕 - Glutinous rice with cabbage pickles and mushrooms.  Carbohydrates to fill our hungry tummies

The glass noodles were springy and tasty

This soup we had to try as is our favourite pig blood soup and can no longer be found in Singapore.  They are generous with red "tofu", as they called it and was delicious with firm bite.  Hot hot soup with lots of spring onions to warm our cold bodies

As we walked down the streets after round 1 we were faced with more eating places and snacks and we went for further rounds.

永 和豆 浆  -  Popular soy milk king, Yonghe Soy.  Queue to order for eating in or take away

Savory soy with onions, eggs and fritters  -  eating porridge

Huge and crisy fritter.  Half is really enough for one

Scallion pancakes, the skin is relatively thick and slightly chewy

Loacai Shui Jian Bao.  Varieties of meat and vegetable buns.  Tried every flavour and every bun was juicy and full of fillings.  

Chilli sauce was super hot but went well with the buns.  Vow to return but never had a chance.

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