26 January 2013


JiuFen is a food paradise.  There are many food stalls around but our bellies were not big enough to accommodate all.

We ate at the dessert store  to fight off the cold once we reached Jiufen.  The shop is on the right side of the old street entrance.   There are many choices to choose from and the dessert was nice and tasty.  I liked the chewiness and softness of the glutinuous balls made from yam and pumpkin.  The balls were flavored with ginger syrup, beancurd or red beans soup.

Savory fermented meat balls

Take some courage to bite into these ice-cream popiahs on a cold night

Gigantic mushrooms grilled till smoky

Publicity for her popular sausages.  She is a well-known celebrity in Singapore through a popular Taiwan variety show

A glass of hot sour plum drink after all the eating

Last sticks before we call for the day


  1. I love these photos! What was the brown thing inside the popiah with the ice cream? Peanuts? Toasted coconut?