06 January 2013


Since we have a lot of time before checking in to our hotel we took a day tour of the Taiwan National Museum.  The museum holds probably the richest collection of Chinese historical artifacts in the world.

We took TRA (Taiwan Rail Administrator) from Taipei station to Shilin station and transferred to a bus from Shilin road to the Museum.

All the collections rightful place should be at the Forbidden City in Beijing, which did not have such a mass collection.  They had been transferred out of China by Chiang Kai Shek during their defeat by the Communist during the civil war.  It is believed that eight thousand containers were used to ship out all these treasures.

The museum holds many extraordinary artifacts and treasures as compared to the Forbidden City.  They have done a great job in preserving and exhibiting all the treasures and artifacts to the world.  It is a pity that no photograph taking is allowed.

The museum was crowded.  We browse at our own pace but were wary of the pushy mainland tourists who simply barge you out of the way.

The most popular site was at 3rd level where beautiful porcelains and jade cravings were on display.  The workmanship was one of the most extricate and delicate art that one had ever seen, especially those from the last 2 dynasties, the Ming and Ching Dynasties.

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