13 January 2013


After 2 days stay in Taipei we proceeded to Shifen Old Street, located in Pingxi District of New Taipei City.  We had substantial breakfast from Four Seven Eleven at the Taipei Rail Station.  Their diverse selections are unmatched with many options at your convenience.

Big bowl of pick and choose oden

TRA 45-min train to Rueifang station and transferred to the branch line to reach Sifen

Pingxi branch line, a scenic and nostalgic ride running through wild woods and gorges

Food stalls along the street, spicy stuffed chicken wings

Only elementary school in Shifen

Relaxing ambience  -  residents chatting and socializing in front of their houses

The street is filled mainly with souvenir shops, grocery stores and restaurants

Scenic view

Cool weather

Farmland along the scenic route

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