15 May 2011


Paul Allam and David McGuinness whose interests in baking resulted the birth of Bourke Street Bakery and in no time becomes a popular landmark bakery in Sydney.

After tasted the tarts and pies, and read the cookbook co-authored by both owners, brought back by daughter after her last visit to Sydney, this place is marklisted by us as one of the places must visit.

The bakery is located at Surrey Hills, a scenic and quiet area surrounded by charming houses

Never ending queue.  Place is cramp with seats limited and takeaway is the norm.

Pear and almond danish - butter laden pastry with fragrant vanilla soft poached pear

Soft sticky dough with the crunchy nuts and toffee is a real winner

Custard tart with prunes - smooth rich custard with plum juicy prunes

We packed 30 pies and tarts which surprising survived the long trip back home with some perfectly intact.

But not these passionfruit merguine tarts, what a mess - Short crust pastry filled with sweet passionfruit curd topped with pillowy sweet meringue

Rhubard tarts - sourish and sweet. 

The most popular is the ginger creme brulee tart, which unfortunately not producing anymore, which we make do with strawberry vanilla burlee tarts, with flaky crust and caramelised toffee fillings.  The next popular item is the chocolate ganache tarts.

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