28 May 2011


With left-over bananas waiting to oxidize I used all up to make a banana custard pie.  As usual the pie is sweet dough.


3 eggs; 2 yolks, half cup sugar, 3 lemon grated zest, 4 tbspn butter and 3 gelatine sheets

  1.  Soak gelatine sheets separately (2+1) in cold water till soft
  2.  Whisk whole eggs, yolks, sugar, juice and zest together
  3.  Gently heat mixture and whisk till thickens to coat back of
       Make sure not to boil.
  4.  Stir in butter and soften gelatine sheets (2).
       Leave to cool
  5.  Pour curd into pie shell and refrigerate till firm
  6.  Boil the remaining gelatine sheet with 2 tbspn water till
  7.  Decorate banana slices over curd
  8.  Pour the melted gelatine over bananas and leave to set

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