10 September 2010


Once a month I will serve this soup to relief tiredness and improve health.  This soup is suitable for the whole family as our jobs involve working with computers, and the kids who are still schooling need to use the computer frequently, our eyes are most affected - tire and dry eyes.  My oldest child who is in health service, who is in need of rest and sleep, needs to consume the soup more often.

angelica sinensis (當歸), polygibatum odoratum (玉竹), astragalus membranaceus (北旗),  boxthorn fruit (杞子), ligusticum wallichii (川芎), dates (大 棗), lotus seeds (蓮子),  & dried longan (桂圓)

Double boil all the ingredients together with black chicken for 3 hrs and add in salt before serving.

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