24 September 2010


With my grown up kids leaves taken need not always be coincide with the children school holidays.  Leaves are taken at my own leisure to enjoy the quietness and solitude at home while the children are away at school and at work.

By late morning cakes or pastries are being made to be savored at teatime.  The oven is humming  and emitting delicious aromas while the housework is being done.  A light lunch of either a sandwich or salad is served after.

A moment to enjoy a piece of blueberry streusel cake with sour plum tea

Soft buttery cake with crispy toppings

Blueberries balance the sweetness - butter, flour, brown sugar, sour cream, eggs and blueberries

Brown sugar for the toppings enhances the flavor of the cake

Time passes quickly and getting ready to prepare dinner.  Back to work again!

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