21 June 2010


Dinner at new TCC in Airport Terminal 3.  A bit quiet during weekday but comes weekend waiting time is long, especially late into the night.  A nice place for supper.

Beef Soup - thick broth full of beef flavor.  Accompany with crisp garlic toast

Pumpkin Soup - Spicy and full of kick

Smoke Salmon Salad - Come with baguette filled with fresh tomatoes and cheese, and orange sorbet which I like most, tangy and refreshing

Asparagus Puff - Flaky puff with creamy tender asparagus.  Sides of whole fresh tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes topped with salsa sauce and creamy mushrooms

Mushroom Pasta - light dish

Salmon Burger with avocado cream and cheese

Tuna Pasta

Herbal Mint Tea

Nutella Float - very chocolaty

Volcanic Chocolate Cake - The flow of thick chocolate lava is sensation combined with raspberry sauce

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