10 July 2009


During vacation period took leave to enjoy a day of leisure lunch and tea.  First to cure our stomach at the Ministry of Food at Marina Center.  Dishes were ordered to share.

Tonkatsu ramen in rich & flavorful broth

Miso spicy ramen in rich spicy broth to tickle our palate.
The noodles were springy with good bite accompanied by thick slices of pork and half egg with half-boiled creamy yolk.

Soft delicate Agedashi tofu enclosed in its thin crispy skin served in light soya sauce topped with dried seaweed and spring onions.

Fresh tender sashimi mori

Grilled Kare Alacarta (cod fish)

Kakiage tempura

Happy sinful ending :
Unique flavours - green-tea, sesame and hazelnut

Lovely strong flavours

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