25 July 2009


Went for lunch and shopping during June school holiday with my children.  When without DH along we will opt for western meal as he is a more traditional man who only goes for Chinese meal. Decided to eat at The Bistro in Borders as it was years since we last dined there.  The bookstore was crowded as usual and was lucky able to secure a place without booking.

The open space kitchen where you can observe the actions.

Set of condiment on every table

Our favorite - cream of mushroom soup.  Chock full of mushroom and awesome with a dash of pepper

Tomatoe Seafood Soup - Sourish and full of seafood

Light appetizer of thin mushroom slice drizzle with butter-vinegar sauce

Poach salmon served with risotto and vegetables

Pork chop in thick mushroom sauce with vegetables and baby potatoes

Roast crispy chicken with rice

Smoke salmon in cream with baguette

Strawberry ice-cream

End of meal with tea

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