01 May 2009


I last visited you was in 1984 and bypassed you whenever I visited Hong Kong every now and then.  After 24 years you have stood the test of time and recharged.   I was drawn by the magnetic sign "Honeymoon Dessert" outside the bus stop that I visited you once again.

The oldest surviving market building in the city.   It was renovated in 1991, featuring shops selling arts, crafts and fabrics

Western Market, situated at Sheung Wan (上 环), current 西 港 城, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.  Take a MRT and get out from Sheung Wan MRT Station, Exit B or C.

Home to traditional handicraft stalls and number of cafes.   The top floor is home to the Grand Stage where you can enjoy a romantic dinner.

This is where the attraction is.  A cozy place to enjoy a quiet tea-time and yummy dessert and cakes.

Ordered varieties to share

Thick mango porridge with chunky mangoes and sago pearls.

Thick yam paste with almond milk.  Almond flavour overpowers the yam taste.

Thick luscious durian flesh with fresh cream revealed

Creamy and yummy!!

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