25 April 2009

YUEN KEE - (源 记)

A 100 year-old small dessert shop located at Central District Hong Kong.  Every night a long queue will form outside the shop and cars waiting by side of the street for takeaways.  Once in a while you can spot actors/actresses patronize the shop.

While in Hong Kong we patronised the shop without fail every night after dinner.  The hotel we stayed in is only across the street.  The waiting time is short although the queue is long as most do not linger after finishing their dessert.  The shop can only accommodate only approx 25 customers, sharing tables.

Later the night longer the queue

Display of shop history and menu on table for easy reference

Ginger egg pudding (姜 汁 炖 蛋) - smooth and not too sweet, steaming hot bowl

Creamy with strong almond fragrance

Yuen Kee
32 Centre Street

Sai Ying Pun
(12 noon to 11pm)

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