03 May 2009


New place draws crowd and Tampines Mall is no exception.  As our family is celebrating a birthday we went to Tampines Mall to get a birthday cake as foodblogs have given good review about the place.  We took a bus to bus terminal instead of driving knowing that chances of getting a parking lot was slim.

Most restaurants and food items are located at the basement.

Display of delicious cakes

Selection of smaller cakes

Wide selections


Final choice - Green Tea Cake

After having bought the cake we had afternoon tea at Kimgary Restaurant - Hong Kong Cafe.  The setup gives a comfortable feel and tables are well spaced out.

Fresh Lemon Honey Drink - Soothing and sourish sweet

Boiled Coke with Ginger - Known for combating flu

Egg in Boiling Almond Tea - Strong almond flavor

Thick French toast smack with thick layer of peanut butter and condensed milk, top with thick dollop of butter.  A lady killer!

Should do away the peas, corn and carrots.  The noodles is tasty enough with cabbage, egg and ham.

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