09 May 2009


Dim sum is a daily life of the Hong Kong people, especially the old folks.  It is their routine to have dim sum at least twice a day, once in the morning and during lunch, sometimes in the afternoon at 3pm.

During the morning, with newspapers in hand, they would occupy the seats in restaurants with a
Lpot of tea and one or two plates of dim sum till noon and continue on with lunch.  Every restaurant is doing brisk business even at this economic downturn.

Fish cake mixed with glutinuous rice and peanuts, lightly fried

Soft and tasty pumpkin yam cake

Fragrant spareribs with chicken feet rice cook in small claypot.

Silken fish belly porridge with century eggs, with no fishy smell

Full of fish and century eggs

Sinful crackling roast pork

Crispy quail to dip in fine salt

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