07 December 2008


Today is Standard Chart Marathon run and my DH and children are taking part in the 10 km run.  This event is held in December annually for the 45 km, 21 km and 10 km runs and participants amounted to 50,000.  The 10 km run started at 7am for men to be followed by women at 8am. 
They woke up at 5.30 am and out of the house by 6 am.  At 8am I went to buy necessary ingredients to prepare a hearty breakfast / brunch to replenish their energy after the run.

Pancakes with blueberry sauce, chicken sausages, ham and portobello mushroom omelette. The mushroom were fried with onions, garlic, mirin and dark soya sauce.

A glass of pomegranate juice and a cup of Ceylon tea with fresh milk.

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