20 December 2008


Went for a wonderful lunch at the Marriott Hotel cafe with my colleagues as we were on leave.  Their wide variety international buffet was an attraction and it was crowded.  Please make reservation when you intended to eat at the place as it was very popular.  They also serve high-tea and dinner.

Fresh oysters

Beautiful and fresh sushi

Colorful salad bar

Captivating dessert bar

The cold crabs were fresh and meaty according to my colleagues but I did not try as I prefer chilly crabs.

Fresh smoked salmon and cold clams and mussels.

Cold prawns

Variety of cold cuts and condiments

Started off with cold cuts, shell fish, oysters, clams and smoked salmons.

The clam chowder was diluted and was quite bland.

The prawns were freshly caught from the tank and cooked in aromatic herbal broth.   Fresh and big.

With all the cold dish and salad we were already 3/4 full.  Only managed to eat some main dish : lamb stew with potatoes and lady fingers, fried spicy spareribs, braised duck and fried vegetables with prawns.

Lastly to indulge our favourite desserts - mint chocolate x'mas logcake, devoid of mint taste, walnut cake which is soft and buttery, pear tart, celery apple cake and fresh mango cake.

Earl Grey x'mas logcake, kueh lapis, cheesecake, glutinous kaya kueh and mango cake.

Overall the buffet was worth the price given the quality of food.  There were also breads, fruit juices and chinese desserts - glutinous rice bowl, chen-tng, bread pudding.  We were so full that we had to forgo alot of other lovely food.

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