17 August 2008


This is the moment we have been waiting for.  Singapore table-tennis team has managed to get into Olympics final and is guaranteed a medal, be it silver or gold.  They will be playing against China at 7.30 pm tonight.  Our yearly National Rally Speech by PM Lee tonight live telecast is being postponed to tomorrow night so that the whole nation could watch the game.

I had been busy cooking from afternoon in order to watch the game.    The simple dishes are steamed glutinous rice and sweet soup.

The ingredients for the rice are mushroom, roast pork (fried), tau-tow choy (preserved cabbage), dried shrimps, liver sausages, garlics and groundnuts.

Ginko nuts, barley, dried beancurd strips, lotus seeds, beaten eggs, rock sugar and quail eggs.

That's for now and off to watch the game.

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