14 August 2008


Crunchy crunch - An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

My family like fruits and they are one of the main items on the grocery list weekly.  Occasionally green apples, Granny Smith are used in salad and dessert.   When eating it as a fruit salt is sprinkled to counteract the sourness.

On a weekend I used 3-4 apples to make an apple pie, using the crust recipe from Donna Hay's cookbook. 

After the pie is half baked, sprinkle almond flour onto the whole pie and lay apples over pie.

Spread a thin layer of marmalade jam over the apples and sprinkle again with almond flour.

Continue process till pie is full.   Bake till apples are juicy.

Spread the top layer with jam and grill under the oven till apples are caramelized.

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