06 August 2008


Singaporeans will go where there is food.  Airport is one of the places for leisure even though one do not have any business to be there.  Changi Airport Terminal 1 canteen is always well patronized and we are one of their regular customers.  Varieties of food are available.

The most popular store with long queue is the braised duck rice and noodle store.

Duck Innards, Pig Ears, Tau-Kau and Eggs - favourites

Kueh Chap to go with the braised dishes

Tender braised duck

Side Dish - Preserved Vegetables - not salty enough

Nasi Penyak - shiok rempah

Oyako Don - full of eggs

Rojak - not as good as the one in Whampoa market

Grill Tau-Kau - ok

Bak Choi Mee-Sua - enough kick from vinegar and chilly

Kueh Lopei - thick gooey gula melaka sauce

Kueh Dadar - thin skin with generous fillings

Bubor Cha-Cha - tasteless with more carrot than sweet potatoes, yam mixed with flour

Overall rating is average with reasonable price.

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