28 June 2008


We took the opportunity to shop during the big sale, with some high end brands offered at 60% off plus another 10% when purchased with certain credit cards. After shopping we adjourned for high-tea.

We made a reservation at Goodwood Park Hotel Deli for high-tea buffet. It is one of the few hotels who caters high-tea buffet during weekdays. The buffet starts from 2.30 to 5.00 pm and is held indoor and at the poolside. It is very popular amongst ladies. Reservation has to be made to secure seats.

The buffet came with a order of 2 drinks per person. We had a Darjeeling tea, vanilla Ceylon tea and a coffee latte for a start. The tea were served in beautiful porcelain tea-cups, with individual tea-pot, accompanied by a small jug of fresh milk and a canister of fine sugar.

The food offered at the buffet were delicious pastries, homemade cookies, scones and cakes. They were served in small individual portion include "crabmeat", sausage roll, pizza were tasty but salty. Halfway through the meal we had to ask for ice water.

There are many varieties of sandwiches and croissants filled with mayonnaise, cheese, ham, salami, smoke salmon, nuts, vegetables etc.

The pies and cakes were delicious. The mini eclair was filled with thick chocolate cream, which oozed out when you bite into the pastry. The lemon meringue tart tasted lemony combine with sweetness of meringue top. The fruit tarts were filled with custard and topped with fresh strawberries, cherries, pears and almond slices. The mango cakes were light and fluffy and topped with large pieces of mango.

The creme brulee was beautifully baked but too sweet for my likimg. It was coated lightly with a layer of  brown crunchy sugar. The mango pudding was appetizingly sourish.

We ended the meal with second order of drink - ice lemon tea.

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