22 June 2008


We celebrated belated Father's Day on 16 June instead on the actual date due to the crowd and inefficient services in most restaurants. We went to Pu Tien Restaurant to celebrate. The food was delicious and the ambience comfortable. We ordered 5 dishes and pumpkin ice-cream but was sold off due to its popularity.

The first dish to arrive was the fried yam duck. A piece of duck meat was stuffed into the yam dough and fried still crispy.

The claypot sea-cucumber was choke full of aroma. The sea-cucumber was braised with lots of vegetables and the sauce was thick and flavorful.

The mee-sua is their signature dish and it was stir-fried without being soggy. As we were busy tucking in the food that I had forgotten to take pictures of the deep-fried chicken and the spinach which was cooked in chicken broth with three different variety eggs (century, salted and normal eggs).

The sweet-sour pork was quite a large portion for a medium size plate. The sauce was not overpowering and permeated a sweetish taste which lingered in the mouth afterwards. The pork still tasted crispy even though it was covered with so much sauce.

Pu Tien (Hin Wah) Restaurant
127-139 Kitchener Road
Tel : 62956358


  1. Where the recipes at?

  2. Please enquire from the restaurant when you dine there if you are interested. Thanks.