26 June 2008


Went with eldest daughter to Tampines Mall to shop and had lunch at Delifrance. We both ordered soup, a lobster bisque soup for her and a mushroom soup for me, and shared a stewed lamb shank.

Baguettes with SCS butter were served immediately after ordering

The lobster soup, with a sliver of cream was not tasty but full of prawn aroma.

The mushroom soup was flavorsome and saturated with mushroom. The soup was not concentrated enough but could not ask for more as it was a complimentary $2 bowl.

Both soup were accompanied with a slice of tasty garlic bread.

The lamb shank was huge for 2 persons. The shank was covered in thick and tasty brown gravy served together with carrots and mashed potatoes mixed with bacon bits. The dish would be perfect if the texture of the meat was more tender. The gravy was a good compliment to the remaining bread.

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