04 January 2015


Hami King’s Mausoleum is the tomb of Hami King Hui III, situated in the west suburb of Hami City; it is the Mausoleum for the burial of Islamic kings of Hami in the Qing Dynasty, meaning “land with gold” covering an area of 1.33 hectares and elm tress standing on the side, the first gate faces to north and the second to east.  The Mausoleum consists of three parts: the Main Chamber, the Side Chamber with five wood pavilions standing from east to west and the Grand Mosque.

Opposite the mausoleum is another large mosque, the ceiling of which is supported by 108 carved wooden pillars and the inside walls are painted with flower patterns with extracts from the Koran.

Replicative throne and displayed artifacts

A mosque is opposite the tomb with religious sutras and various designs on its walls.  Besides, it can hold 3,000 persons.  We were unable to view the inside as renovation was going on.

The mausoleum is covered with green glazed and white patterned tiles.  The vault is majestic and decorated with colorful paintings.  The inner wall of the dome-shaped tomb is adorned with the blue flowers pattern against the white bottom.

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