18 January 2015


The weather was extremely hot without any breeze, and everyone wears down to their barest minimum

Inscriptions and Buddha murals depicting teaching of Buddhism on the wall and in caves

Replicas of sandstone hills of the mountain areas

Flaming Mountain museum with a big thermometer, with a degree of 45C on that day of visit

Journey to the West, which depicts the story of Monk Tang and his disciples going west to seek for Sutra, is renowned as one of the four classical novels in China

The Monkey King (Sun Wukong) made three attempts to borrow the plantain fan from Princess Iron Fan, who was a female demon living in the Flaming Mountain

The Bull-Demon King had a fierce battle with Sun Wukong due to complaints from his wife, Princess Iron Fan

In the summer, the region gets so hot that you can "hard boil" an egg by burying it in the sand for just a few minutes.  With strong direct radiation from the sun, the highest temperatures can reach 47.8 degrees Celsius and the earth's surface temperature can top 70 degrees.

Cart ride by donkeys and goats

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